About us


At CarDay.com we solely enlighten you about electric cars. We cover the world of electric cars and offer you all the relevant and accurate information that relate to them. The website is always up to date,and that is part of what we find pleasure in doing; updating our clients and visitors on recent electric cars news.

Our aim is to offer our visitors entertaining and comprehensive information for them to be fully notified at all times. If there is a new electric car in the market or there is an electric car-based event, we are always in the front line to let our visitors know about that.

About Us

The website,CarDay.com,was developed to cover the entire electric cars world.That means that we cover any company, product, model,accessory, or news that relate to the electric cars. We have a dedicated team that is deployed in every related field to gather the appropriate and accurate information.CarDay.com focuses on the technologically-pioneered, high-performance,and remarkable electric car models on the market.

We do not only inform the visitors about the new models, but we dig deeper to let them get every relevant information.We post several reviews every day so that we can give the visitors a glimpse of the newest
electric car. This way, the visitor will know what to expect if they are interested in buying such a vehicle.