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About Us

We embrace innovation in how we gather and present news, continually pushing the boundaries of traditional media to enhance our readers’ experience.

At we solely enlighten you about new cars.

We cover the world of electric cars and offer you all the relevant and accurate information that relate to them. The website is always up to date,and that is part of what we find pleasure in doing; updating our clients and visitors on recent electric cars news.

Our aim is to offer our visitors entertaining and comprehensive information for them to be fully notified at all times. If there is a new electric car in the market or there is an electric car-based event, we are always in the front line to let our visitors know about that.

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Meet the Team Behind Scoop

Our diverse team of expert journalists and editors is dedicated to delivering insightful, accurate, and engaging content to our global audience.

Finlay Rees

Founder & CEO

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Chief Editor

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Senior News Editor

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Senior News Editor

Uncover the stories that shape our world brings you everything electric vehicles (EVs). From cutting-edge tech to top models, our experts deliver the latest news on every EV company, product, and accessory.

Our Mission

The website,, was developed to cover the entire electric cars world. That means that we cover any company, product, model, accessory, or news that relates to electric cars. We have a dedicated team that is deployed in every related field to gather the appropriate and accurate information and focus on the technologically pioneered, high-performance, and remarkable electric car models on the market.

Our Vision

We do not only inform the visitors about the new models, but we dig deeper to let them get every relevant information. We post several reviews every day so that we can give visitors a glimpse of the newest electric car. This way, the visitor will know what to expect if they are interested in buying such a vehicle.

Scoop’s reporting consistently exemplifies journalistic integrity and a commitment to uncovering the truth, making it a cornerstone for anyone looking to be genuinely informed.

Sandy Osborne


Through detailed research and engaging storytelling, Scoop offers a unique perspective on news that matters, providing readers with a comprehensive view of the world.

Dean Holloway